Proposed Enhancements to PortAudio API

019 - Notify Client When All Buffers Have Played

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Updated: December 3, 2002


This proposal is sufficiently well defined to be implemented.


PortAudio allows clients to terminate a stream by returning non-zero from the stream callback function. When the callback return value is paComplete, PortAudio will finish playing all generated audio data before deactivating the stream. PortAudio does not notify clients when the stream has actually completed playing all audio data. Currently the only methods of discovering whether a stream has actually finished playing is to poll Pa_IsStreamActive() or to wait for a blocking call to Pa_StopStream() to return. Some clients would like to receive an asyncronous notification when the stream completes playing all queued sample data.


Define a callback that will be called when the stream finishes, and a function to register the callback with the stream.

/** Functions of type PaStreamFinishedCallback are implemented by PortAudio 
 clients. They can be registered with a stream using the Pa_SetStreamFinishedCallback
 function. Once registered they are called when the stream becomes inactive
 (ie once a call to Pa_StopStream() will not block).
 A stream will become inactive after the stream callback returns non-zero,
 or when Pa_StopStream or Pa_AbortStream is called. For a stream providing audio
 output, if the stream callback returns paComplete, or Pa_StopStream is called,
 the stream finished callback will not be called until all generated sample data
 has been played.
 @param userData The userData parameter supplied to Pa_OpenStream()

 @see Pa_SetStreamFinishedCallback
typedef void PaStreamFinishedCallback( void *userData );

/** Register a stream finished callback function which will be called when the 
 stream becomes inactive. See the description of PaStreamFinishedCallback for 
 further details about when the callback will be called.

 @param stream a pointer to a PaStream that is in the stopped state - if the
 stream is not stopped, the stream's finished callback will remain unchanged 
 and an error code will be returned.

 @param streamFinishedCallback a pointer to a function with the same signature
 as PaStreamFinishedCallback, that will be called when the stream becomes
 inactive. Passing NULL for this parameter will un-register a previously
 registered stream finished callback function.

 @return on success returns paNoError, otherwise an error code indicating the cause
 of the error.

 @see PaStreamFinishedCallback
PaError Pa_SetStreamFinishedCallback( PaStream *stream, PaStreamFinishedCallback* streamFinishedCallback ); 


Instead of providing a Pa_SetStreamFinishedCallback function, the stream finished callback could be passed as a parameter to PaOpenStream, this would make things more complicated for clients who don't need to use a stream finished callback.

Impact Analysis

This proposal adds new functionality and does not effect existing client code.